Accounting Sense

Accurate books equals stress free tax time

Partner with Accounting Sense where we specialize in accounting, payroll and tax services to clients in or around the Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA. We will update your current financial records and handle your books accurately.

Get bookkeeping out of the way


Most Accounting Sense clients agree that we save them time to focus on building their business.

Know where you stand

Most Accounting Sense clients agree that the assistance they receive has improved their financial situation.


Most Accounting Sense clients agree that they feel more at ease at tax season.

Working with Accounting Sense

For a fresh start, Accounting Sense will bring your current financials up to date. Accounting Sense will look after your books and communicate with you face-to-face rather than online. The majority of our clients concur that working with us on their books is easy.

What Accounting Sense can offer

One-on-one assistance from a reputable local expert bookkeeper.

Setup and Cleanup

Accounting Sense will thoroughly examine your chart of accounts and make sure all prior transactions are properly arranged. We will update your books by going line by line through them. You'll get continuing help after cleanup, allowing you to relieve yourself of the burden of bookkeeping.

Financial Reports

Get personalized insights, including your business snapshot, balance sheet and income statement. This gives you time to focus on what you do best while also informing your business decisions.

Ready to File Financials

To help you prepare for tax season with peace of mind, Accounting Sense can classify transactions, reconcile accounts, and keep your books current throughout the year.